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Chester Square

I’m lucky to live in the beautiful South End of Boston on Mass Ave, or as I’ve been calling it recently “Trash Ave”. Unfortunately the Chester Square block of Mass Ave is like a magnet to trash. It’s a combination of; people throwing trash on the ground, neighbors not putting their trash out properly or at the right time, trash pickers, and not having trash cans on the street.


Trash day

I love my condo and my neighborhood that’s why I’m fighting to clean it up! I recently joined the Chester Square Area Neighborhood Association CSANA and they let me know about a city-wide clean up called Boston Shines on April 25th.

Chester Square logo

Chester Square logo

I am now leading the charge to clean up Chester Square. I know 1 day of cleaning will not solve the trash problem that’s why I’m using my skills in design and branding to develop a concentrated communication effort for Chester Square. I’ve started by creating a logo and letterhead system with the image masthead from the CSANA site. I will go door to door this Saturday with the letter asking fellow neighbors to help clean up and provide helpful tips on how to maintain the clean up effort. Stay tuned to see if my neighborhood branded communications effort can help make Chester Square shine.


New Chester Square letterhead


  1. jimmygibson says:

    Clean it up; then on to JP, dorchester, and the World; Good job!

  2. James’ downstairs neighbor here, with Katarina, Olivia and Odin.

    We’ve lived on Chester Park for 14 years, and have struggled with the city and our neighbors to change the situation.

    Part of the problem is economic and class related. The city does not view Chester Square with the same historic, heritage infused lens that it views Beacon Hill and Back Bay, however, the architecture and urbanism of Chester Square and the parks is unique and ought to be valued and respected.

    Let’s work together to change this!!!!

  3. James, this is great. Trash Ave, love it. Be very careful going door to door. Never go in, for any reason, also be ware of animals. Watch your back.

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