Boarding pass or bar receipt?

I’m all for being “green” but on a recent flight I realized how cheap it felt to get a boarding pass that was no different than the receipt I got from the airport bar. I liked the official-ness of the old tickets with the heavy stock and the real perforation that the attendant would rip before you boarded. I also loved the jacket the ticket would sit in. Now they just highlight the ticket when you board like when your leaving The Home Depot and the security guard marks your receipt to see if you stole anything. Gone is this like so many other good things I loved about flying. I think the future will hold a totally new and better experience at airports from check in through security, at least I hope so. I just hope they consider the design experience more.

Boarding pass or bar receipt?

J.Crew’s old look?

I brought in the mail today and received the March 09 J.Crew catalog. The cover caught my attention because it seemed so different from their usual catalog covers. J.Crew’s new look?  It’s mostly black with large Bodoni type that reads “AMERICA…” and a small inset photo of 2 people in an antique MG with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. I first thought Tommy Hilfiger, but then thought Vogue. It’s really  a combo of both. Is this all because Michelle Obama wears J.Crew? I thought the reason Michelle wore J.Crew was because they were J.Crew. Now I feel like their trying to be someone else. I’m all about companies keeping their look fresh and evolving. I feel like J.Crew is going down the conservative and same road when I thought we were asking for fresh and change?

J.Crew Catalogue March 09

J.Crew Catalogue March 09

Michelle VOGUE and J.Crew

Michelle, VOGUE and J.Crew

new era

Really excited about starting my my own blog. I hope I can add insightful content about my life and things going on around me. That’s really all I feel comfortable talking about at this point. I don’t consider myself to be in an sort of a writer. I leave that to others like my brother and sister in-law. I am making an effort to post about what is interesting to me in my career and life which basically ART. But to me it’s all art or it could be.