Well, I’ve been at RISD now for a month and it’s been great! I’m more consumed than I could have imagined, but I’m having an inspirational and exciting time. I’ve been meaning to give a full recap of things I’m working on but I’ve just been too busy. Here is one project I finished yesterday for my Grad Elective: The Urgent Vignette, which I think is appropriate as this is just one vignette of my new life. This piece is titled: a time to strike. I hope to share some other things soon. Enjoy

Daily Monster

I recently saw Steven G. Bucher speak at the AIGA Make | Think conference in Memphis. He is a really cool guy. His lecture is available on the AIGA website. Enjoy

Bagpipes & Bollocks

On a recent trip to Block Island with My wife I experimented with the iPhone 3Gs video capabilities. It was a beautiful ride home with a rowdy bunch and bagpipe players. I’m really impressed with the quality of the video. After just a few seconds of footage I can see I may have a new obsession. I think I need to get a hi def video camera. Enjoy