J.Crew’s old look?

I brought in the mail today and received the March 09 J.Crew catalog. The cover caught my attention because it seemed so different from their usual catalog covers. J.Crew’s new look?  It’s mostly black with large Bodoni type that reads “AMERICA…” and a small inset photo of 2 people in an antique MG with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. I first thought Tommy Hilfiger, but then thought Vogue. It’s really  a combo of both. Is this all because Michelle Obama wears J.Crew? I thought the reason Michelle wore J.Crew was because they were J.Crew. Now I feel like their trying to be someone else. I’m all about companies keeping their look fresh and evolving. I feel like J.Crew is going down the conservative and same road when I thought we were asking for fresh and change?

J.Crew Catalogue March 09

J.Crew Catalogue March 09

Michelle VOGUE and J.Crew

Michelle, VOGUE and J.Crew

font vs. font

This week I had a conversation with a client about the readability of a font verses another font and which was better? It was Filosofia vs. Minion Pro. The thing is both of theses fonts are fine and it’s not about the font… well it is about the font but it’s a lot more. It’s about composition, texture, density, value, color, proportion, leading, kerning, line length,  line breaks, rags, “design”. It’s also about the AMOUNT of text just because you want to say everything doesn’t mean you should. If you make the page difficult to read no one will read it! How do you explain this all to a person over the phone who has no design background, they just want to make the font bigger? I try over and over to explain to clients the importance of typography. It’s like a car. I don’t expect people to exactly understand how it works but a Mercedes rides better than a Kia and if you had the choice you would drive the Mercedes. I hope my design speaks for itself and communicates clearly, and it usually does until the client says “make the font bigger” or “we need to add more copy”. I’m not sure the answer to this? I guess I need to keep producing and let the work speak for itself… I’d love more insight.